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The Benefits Of Stablecoin Hybrids..

Benefits of Stablecoin Hybrids

Stablecoin Hybrids will be made available to retail investors as well as institutional investors. Investors seeking higher yields will likely find them appealing because they combine superior returns with low risk.

It is possible for small retail investors to purchase Stablecoin Hybrid Contracts. There are several restrictions that make purchasing Conventional Commercial paper difficult. Most Commercial paper is sold and resold to institutional investors, such as large financial institutions, hedge funds, and multinational corporations. A retail investor would need access to very large amounts of capital to buy and own Commercial paper. This is not the case with Stablecoin Hybrid Contracts. However, they can be aggregated for purchase by larger and institutional investors

Reasons that retail investors will be able to purchase Stablecoin Hybrid contracts and benefit from the benefits provided by conventional Commercial paper, include the fact that Commercial paper is typically sold in round lots totaling $100,000. This threshold in itself makes buying Commercial paper generally exclusive to institutional investors and wealthy individuals. Furthermore, broker-dealers issuing Commercial paper on behalf of a client have pre-existing relationships with institutional buyers that make the market efficient through large purchases of primary offerings. They would not be likely to look to retail investors


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